Past Meetings

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Clinical Sciences Day
Friday 8th October 2021

Annual Scientific Day
10th March 2021

Clinical Sciences Day
Thursday 8th October 2020

Annual Sciences Day
7th March 2019

Clinical Sciences Day
28th September 2018

Annual Scientific Day – Beyond the coding genome….
Wednesday 7th March 2018

Clinical Sciences Day: Management of CLL – Current and Future
6th October 2017

Annual Scientific Day: The CLL tumour microenvironment: Basic biology to therapy
8th March 2017

Annual Clinical Sciences Day: New treatments – new challenges in CLL
5th October 2016

Annual Scientific day: The biological basis of novel treatment strategies in CLL
10th March 2016

Clinical Sciences day: Biology and therapy of CLL-related lymphoproliferative diseases
1st October 2015

Annual Scientific day: The CLL genome – from gene to function…..
14th March 2015

Clinical Sciences day: Personalised and Supportive Care in CLL
2nd October 2014

Annual Scientific day: Novel Pathways and molecules in CLL
14th March 2014

Clinical Sciences day: The Changing Horizon of CLL Therapy and Future Challenges
2nd October 2013

Annual Scientific day: Pathogenesis of CLL: Signal or mutation?
15th March 2013

Clinical Sciences day: Living Beyond First Line CLL Therapy
4th October 2012

Annual Scientific day: Understanding CLL genotype and tumour environment: New therapeutic Potentials
29th March 2012

Clinical Sciences Day CLL: Different Strokes for Different Folks
20th September 2011

Annual Scientific Day: Non-CLL Low-Grade Lymphoproliferative Disorders
23rd March 2010

Clinical Sciences Day
24th September 2009

Annual Scientific Day: The Genetics of CLL
26th March 2009

Clinical Sciences Day: New developments in therapy for CLL
20th November 2008

Annual Scientific Day: Microenvironment, migration, proliferation and apoptosis in CLL
29th April 2008